About Us.

After building custom motorcycles together at a mechanical workshop for several years, Paul and Scott joined forces to set up their own venture in 2015.

“We both have an interest and a passion in older bikes - enough to persist
with their repair and upkeep when others wouldn’t [they’re] more prone
to issues and need more in depth thinking and problem solving to repair
and maintain properly. We felt there was a service we could provide to the
bike scene that nobody else could. With a merger of skills and industry
experience between us, we rented a space in Freo on zero budget,
opened the doors, and have been flat out building on that ever since.”

- Paul and Scott


Treated, created and restored to exacting standards, we’re proud to offer an unparalleled level of technical precision. And our motorcycles are just the same - perfectly tuned to perform and designed to deliver the best possible ride. True enthusiasts, we fight for doing it the right way. Preserving the art of classic motorcycles and paying respect to the original build. No questions asked.

It takes guts to cut through the noise and the chaos in search of the unusual, overlooked or long forgotten. When it comes to repairing and restoring vintage motorcycles, we don’t settle for anything less than absolute technical precision. And when you know what it feels like to ride a perfectly tuned classic, we don’t expect you to either. Retro Moto Co. For the righteous & the rare.

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