Go Green on your ecofriendly older motorcycle


Crisis, more crisis and an extra helping of bad news. Nothing sells like bad news and the media logarithms know how to exploit this for their maximum benefit with lots of articles on nasty, stinky, noisy, unsafe polluting motorcycles ridden by selfish, suicidal planet hating idiots.  There is so much negative spin and binary opinion that the question of what is actually reasonable and logically practical gets lost in the cacophony.

Currently the brave new world of electric motorcycles doesn’t exactly offer a plethora of viable alternatives to the status quo. Sure there are expensive novelties but to date they remain just that.  So you want to ride a motorcycle?  Here is the good news, if you are buying an older bike, or parts that exist for an older bike you are not adding any pollutants to the atmosphere. Anything that exists already is carbon neutral so you can breathe easy, there are thousands of carbon neutral motorcycles to choose from!  All cars have gained a great deal of weight and complexity over the years, most motorcycles haven’t ballooned in weight to the same extent If you get your older bike fueling as well as possible via a tuning on the dyno with an exhaust gas check there is no reason to feel any green guilt. Motorcycles put less stress on the transport infrastructure, they weigh a lot less than cars and use less fuel. Motorcycles keep moving in traffic and on average spend  a lot less time stationary and idling, where as cars can use  more fuel when idling than when moving. Motorcycles emit more carbon monoxide than cars but less less carbon dioxide.

If you are replacing parts on an older machine the cast offs can probably be recycled, and who knows, the replacement parts themselves could well be secondhand.

If you don’t need your car on a daily basis motorcycles come with advantages for you – time saving in traffic and the chances are you will actually enjoy the ride to work and be both saving fuel and money. The mental and physical plusses  involved in riding – people ride to de-stress.

Motorcycles come with  benefits for others and the environment, occupying less space in the worsening traffic and parking, as well as consuming less fuel are real positives. Bikes also have smaller manufacturing costs and resource consumption than cars. The environment doesn’t have to be despoiled for a new lithium mine. As Kawasaki used to say, “Go Green”,  have fun riding a Retro bike and feel good about doing so.


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2 thoughts on “Go Green on your ecofriendly older motorcycle”

  1. Thanks and very well put. It’s been said that the best car for the environment is the one you already have. The same logic applies to bikes.
    Given all the advantages listed above, many have wondered why governments don’t promote motorbikes as more efficient means of transportation. Over the years, some politicians have been honest to admit that they can’t actively encourage something they are trying to get rid of. Their main tactic has been to increase the cost of gaining a licence, registration, third party insurance etc. Due in part to government bureaucracy, bikes have gone from being daily means of transportation to leisure items. Another lost opportunity?

  2. My old Honda is the epitome of recycling. Built in 1977 and still serving its intended purpose. Properly tuned and emitting less pollution in 2023 than it would have when new. Win win.

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