The rider who fell to Earth Part 1

  According to almost everyone who doesn't ride, motorcycling is an inevitable one way ticket to injury, death, dismemberment and destitution (tick as appropriate).  This is of course utter horse...
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December Feature

 Cult West Coast Motorcycle Company Officially Unveils their World Class Showroom and Workshop in Fremantle! When most people think of motorcycles, it’s common to conjure imagery of big fat Harleys, bikies...
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Laverda 500 Twin – The Racer

We could go and compete on a common Ducati. But what would be more fun is to take the Laverda Montjuic 500cc parallel twin, and build that into a Ducati...
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CB550 – The Cafe

Not a full nut and bolt rebuild like the 750 above, this 550 is the bike that inspired the RestoMod. The striking original Honda Sunrise Orange paint was in good...
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CB750 RestoMod

Honda got a lot right with the CB750 so we don't need to erase that identity, just a slight refresh to bring it up to date and a full compliment...
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The good ol’ fashioned Speed Shop

They are dying out. I used to love shuffling about a proper speed shop, long before I could afford a bike, a car or knew which end of a left...
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HCMC WA Round 2

We live in an uncertain world and the things that moor us and give us comfort against the storms of life are deeply held beliefs that endure, no matter what...
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The Little Laverda awakes

After a nice long rest, it is finally time - the little Laverda 500 twin is back, and angrier than ever! Reworked, rebuilt and retuned, a host of small changes...
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2021 Collie TT Report

The TT was held in glorious conditions and the 4 members of RetroMoto Racing who attended all hit their straps in their respective classes. In the P6 250 and 500...
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