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Mechanical Archaeology

  I won’t be battling foes from blimp to pyramid, cracking a bullwhip like ol Indiana Jones, nor discovering some millions year old dinosaur skeleton. But a motorcycle with a […]

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The rider who fell to earth Part 2

  The threat, “You’re going home in the back of an ambulance” was regularly chanted in the 1970s by crowds at soccer matches in the UK.  I hadn’t heard it […]

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String Theory

  You have newly acquired an older bike after exhaustive bouts of scouring numerous online sales sites, Gumtree, Word of Mouth, mates tip-offs, or maybe even given to you as […]

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Inhouse , what we are riding

Name: Richard Age: Hardware mid sixties, software mid twenties. Bike: MZ Skorpion Traveller How long owned: 9 months Why did you get it: I am a big fan of the […]

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The rider who fell to Earth Part 1

  According to almost everyone who doesn’t ride, motorcycling is an inevitable one way ticket to injury, death, dismemberment and destitution (tick as appropriate).  This is of course utter horse […]

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December Feature

 Cult West Coast Motorcycle Company Officially Unveils their World Class Showroom and Workshop in Fremantle! When most people think of motorcycles, it’s common to conjure imagery of big fat Harleys, bikies […]

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