Retro Rambles

Retro Ride 2 – A tankful of twisties

Depart from Retro Moto Co 9:30am Tuesday 10 Nov 2020 Please check the condition of both yourself  and your motorcycle – correct safety gear (long trousers, boots, jacket, gloves, helmet […]

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Small Talk – Why we are who we are!

Why we are who we are! In a detour from the usual blog theme it’s time to find out what tragic series of misfortunes of life choices led the members […]

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HCMC Rnd 2: Lap of a lifetime and a close shave

I’ll start with the good. Round 2 for the Historics saw one of my solo bikes back in action, the GSXR750, as the oil cooler had finally had enough after […]

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Monthly Retro Moto Road & Roadcraft Rides

Leaving from RetroMoto at 10am and heading anywhere except west!Road Rides on 2nd Monday of the month for licensed riders.Mondays that you have dreamed of – no show, just go.Roadcraft […]

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First Round of 2020 MCRCWA at Collie

Well we’ve just completed the first round of the MCRCWA down at Collie again this time. The weather was torrential, making it more of a survival round as opposed to […]

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The Craziest Team Sport

Our first time out racing on three wheels was certainly eventful. This project originated when Paul Matthews, the Angry Ranga Racing Team Manager, approached me at the beginning of the […]

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