Rickman Mettisse


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*** Work is nearing completion on this bike and will be in the workshop ready for summer***

Rickman Motorcycles was a British, independent motorcycle chassis constructor established by brothers Derek and Don Rickman. The firm manufactured motorcycles from 1960.

Initially the frame designs were for scrambles, and then for road racing. Later, in 1966, road bikes were produced as well. The first street legal bike used a Triumph Bonneville engine. Rickman initially supplied frame kits to the public, as no major British motorcycle manufacturers would sell engines separately. The frame kits were built for many engines, including Triumph twins, BSA singles and Matchless.

Ever since, the Rickman Mettisse has been a highly desirable bike for collectors in the know, this example sporting many tasteful upgrades and custom modifications, yet still able to be reverted to a classic Rickman with little effort, none of the modifications being permanent alterations to the bones of the bike. A fiercely fun street scrambler, you won’t find another like it!

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MAKERickman Triumph

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