Suzuki GT185 $6,000



In 1973, Suzuki unveiled the GT185 Adventurer, a 21-hp air-cooled two-stroke parallel twin with Ram Air, crank case oil injection, electric start, and a front disc brake. Get on this little Adventurer, turn on the gas, flip the choke, push the button, and that cheerful two-stroke burble comes out the well-muffled exhaust. Yes, push the button – this classic two stroke twin features an electric start – a rare luxury! These were among the last of the Two Stroke era, before small four strokes took over for good.
We still have a love for a classic two stroke, they are a different experience all together. This GT185 will make a perfect town-bike for the lucky owner, press a button and spin the motor to life and away you go – this bike has had recent work on the carburettors, suspension, tyres, electrics, brakes – everything has been checked, serviced and made good, ready to ride away!

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MODELGT185 Adventurer

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