Retro Rambles.

6/10/73 and all that

As a child, the best books always had maps inside the covers. Real or imagined lands, mountains, rivers, seas, a compass stamped in the top right corner and the promise […]

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Go Green on your ecofriendly older motorcycle

  Crisis, more crisis and an extra helping of bad news. Nothing sells like bad news and the media logarithms know how to exploit this for their maximum benefit with […]

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Wandrin’ Star

Most motorcycles are not designed to carry much more than a rider. Some claim to be able to take a pillion, others come with a matching factory luggage system or […]

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Add Subtraction

  Nothing succeeds like excess and Perth is a horsepower town where  you can’t have too much of More. This growth ethos reflects how motorcycles have been developed by manufacturers […]

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Mechanical Archaeology

  I won’t be battling foes from blimp to pyramid, cracking a bullwhip like ol Indiana Jones, nor discovering some millions year old dinosaur skeleton. But a motorcycle with a […]

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The rider who fell to earth Part 2

  The threat, “You’re going home in the back of an ambulance” was regularly chanted in the 1970s by crowds at soccer matches in the UK.  I hadn’t heard it […]

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