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Inhouse , what we are riding

Name: Richard Age: Hardware mid sixties, software mid twenties. Bike: MZ Skorpion Traveller How long owned: 9 months Why did you get it: I am a big fan of the...
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December Feature

 Cult West Coast Motorcycle Company Officially Unveils their World Class Showroom and Workshop in Fremantle! When most people think of motorcycles, it’s common to conjure imagery of big fat Harleys, bikies...
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The good ol’ fashioned Speed Shop

They are dying out. I used to love shuffling about a proper speed shop, long before I could afford a bike, a car or knew which end of a left...
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HCMC WA Round 2

We live in an uncertain world and the things that moor us and give us comfort against the storms of life are deeply held beliefs that endure, no matter what...
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2021 Collie TT Report

The TT was held in glorious conditions and the 4 members of RetroMoto Racing who attended all hit their straps in their respective classes. In the P6 250 and 500...
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Lead in to Collie TT 2021

After last months Kings of Collie there has been a 4 week interval to prepare for the First Round of the Club Championship aka The Collie TT. Derek Jemerson will...
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In praise of what’s behind you

The last vehicles in and out of the race track paddocks, the most cantankerous, the most neglected and the ones that can ruin a weekend before you get to the...
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Triple two stroke Triples!

A trio of Two Stroke Triple goodness - there's many more but this trio deserved a photo. What's your favourite Two Stroke Triple?
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Kings of Collie 2021 Race Report

Retromoto Racing although diminished in numbers punched above its weight again at the Kings Of Collie Race Meeting on February 28th coming home with a 1st, 2nds and a 3rd...
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