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Name: Richard

Age: Hardware mid sixties, software mid twenties.

Bike: MZ Skorpion Traveller

How long owned: 9 months

Why did you get it: I am a big fan of the MZ Skorpion range  and have raced a modified Sport for 3 years. I  weigh about 70kg and like light single cylinder 4 strokes.

Modifications so far: The cool looking but abysmally performing original projector headlights got swapped for a far better FZR600 unit. A set of heated grips.

Future plans: It may end up getting all the goodies off the race bike, engine, carbs, suspension, brakes and wheels, but for now it is just a great lightweight tourer and commuter.

Issues/problems/errors: The bike was bought unseen from country NSW – the fairing and bodywork had a few little cracks fixed and needed it needed a major service and a new battery. The MZ tacho oscillated so wildly that the needle snapped – a common problem – a strategically placed RetroMoto sticker now covers the crime scene. The seat comfort is marginal after a couple of hours. It is a very understated motorcycle with its dark green livery so  it is near invisible to the average driver – a complete contrast to my white ex-police ST1100 – so I ride accordingly.



Best points: Sweet handling, comfortable, good basic carrying capacity with its standard panniers and licence friendly. It confuses the hell out of people.


N+1 ?: Nothing on the radar at the moment, however I like the early Superdukes and have yet to own a KTM…

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