520 Lightweight Racing chain – Gold


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EK 520MRD7 Lightweight Race Chain – Honda CBR250R/R MC19 MC22

Use this lightweight chain with our 520 sprocket conversion for the ultimate CBR250 Race bike combination. EK developed this chain for the motorcross world, but the low drag, low weight, high strength characteristics have proven themselves over the last few years of using this chain on most of our Retro Moto Racing track bikes, helping us bring home the championship several times now. On a CBR250RR race bike, one chain lasts a whole season, which we were not achieving with some other chains.

The 520MRD7 also features lightening holes in the side plates to reduce the chain’s overall weight by 3% without compromising tensile strength. These holes also extend the service life of the chain by dissipating heat and helping reduce damaging dirt and grit build up.

Other colours available by request – Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Gold, Orange, Chrome, Black & Gold