Chain Lube Penrite 500ML 10 Tenths Factory Racing



10 Tenths Chain Lube Race is a 100% fully synthetic, white, thin film, ultra-high performance chain lubricant engineered for on and off road applications. Designed not to fling off in competition at high speeds or temperatures or attract excessive amounts of dirt/mud/sand when off road. It provides exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties whilst maximising drive efficiency by lowering friction between the chain and sprockets.


10 Tenths Chain Lube Race is designed for use in competition, road and off road applications that use a chain drive system such as motorcycles, ATVs and Go-Karts etc. It can also be used on bicycle chains. It contains advanced lightweight synthetic additives that penetrate chain links, rollers and sprockets, leaving a thin film of highly protective lubricant within the chain. The synthetic grease like lubricant is not as dense as standard chain lubes but provides equal protection to much thicker lubricants which can fling off the chain or attract large amounts of dirt and mud in off road conditions.

10 Tenths Chain Lube Race may be used in X, O & Z ring type chains. The film of protective lubricant is engineered to be highly adhesive and to stay in place during competition events and is ready for use quickly after application. It should be applied sparingly to a clean chain. Its fast acting formulation will penetrate the chain links faster than standard chain lubricants which allows it to be used in between competition races and not be flung off by the fast motion of the chain.


  1. Clean chain of old lubricant, dirt, mud etc. with Penrite Chain Cleaner
  2. Apply Penrite Dry Chain Lube directly from the can to a clean chain
  3. Apply a light even coat to the inside of the chain. Avoid excess application
  4. Allow solvent to dry and chain is lubricated.


  • COMPETITION PROVEN by factory race teams
  • PROTECTS chain and sprockets from wear and corrosion
  • FAST ACTING for competition use
  • LOW FRICTION for maximum performance
  • Doesn’t attract as much mud and dirt as standard chain lubricants
  • Equal protection to heavier chain lubricants
  • Highly tenacious lubricant film
  • Designed not to fling off the chain
  • Dries white for application identification
  • Easy to apply