RB12A-A SSB Powersports Battery


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Australia’s Most Powerful AGM Motorcycle Battery Range

• Genuine High Performance AGM Battery
• Powerful Cranking Power – Up to 50% more cranking amps than other brands
• Dry Cell (Non-spillable) – Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that leak and have no power
• Extra Long Life
• Superior Design & Quality – Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001
• Extreme Vibration Resistant
• Can be used on its Side – Completely sealed and can be used on any angle or side
• 40 Sizes Covers 97% of Sales – There are over 250 motorcycle battery sizes sold in Australia. 40 XR Series AGM batteries cover 97% of the motorcycle range
• Australia’s Premium AGM Motorcycle Battery
• 12 Months National Full Replacement Warranty
• When Failure is not an Option – Use only SSB PowerSport

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