Here we go again...

Here we go again...
The year is still comparatively new and shiny and once again it’s the start of the Historic Motorcycle race season.
Covid put paid to the usual Australia Day Phillip Island International Classic so this is the first meeting of the year for everyone.
The start of 2021 sees some changes for Team RetroMoto. Team Captain Paul Smith is taking a well earned break from track action, (if that’s how you can describe being in the process of rebuilding a GSXR 750, Laverda 500 and RGV250), but will be back soon. By the way, the RGV is for sale.
Paul Joshua is being all modern and racing an R6 in the er, Modern Class, rather than punting his GSXR750 in P6.
Nic Gardner is still in the throes of getting his XS650 Yamaha ready and rebuilding his FZR600, his FZR 250 is ready to go.
Riccardo Farruggia has sold his CBR250RR and is looking for a P6 500 or 750, please someone put him out of his misery.
Adam Carson has moved from a CBR250 to an RGV250, smoking! His CB500 is also in line for a return at some point this season.
Simon Harding has sprung a surprise by getting a ZXR600 to campaign on as well as his trusty CBR250.
Richard Beatty has his freshly re-painted (by Rob Fry) KZ500 to tempt Fate with. The KZ now sports an oil cooler to help it survive. There is also the revamped MZ Skorpion that has had major engine development by Scott and Paul at Retromoto to race as well as a guest ride on a Honda GP125 courtesy of Dave Manson.
Derek Jemerson returns to build on last years successful rookie season with his CBR250 and the continued aim of being Simon’s nemesis...
In breaking news, we have a new oldest rider, 60 something Nic Wallis-Smith, joining the ranks on a CBR250 to finally make his racing debut - congratulations Nic, better late than never!
And finally, will man of mystery Mike Nazroo ever escape from quarantine and be able to debut on his CB750 Honda? 
The answer to that shall soon become apparent - watch this space..
Gentlemen, start, or start rebuilding, your engines, here we go again...

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