For the righteous

and the rare.

The home of classic Japanese and European motorcycles in WA


Servicing and repairing most makes and models of road and race motorcycles, we offer logbook servicing for modern bikes and specialist expertise in older Japanese and European motorcycles.

Engine Rebuilds
Carburetor Rebuilds
Ignition Systems
Electrical and Wiring
Suspension Work
Electrical, modification and repairs
Tyres – supplied, fitted and balanced
Dyno Tuning

Tyres to suit Sports, Classic, Road and Racing motorcycle tyres.

Give us a call to see what we can do for your Road or Race bike to make the most of your motor, your suspension, and your ride.

Specialty Parts Orders.

Access to Australia’s largest network of motorcycle parts providers.

What's in the Workshop.

Motorcycle Myths, Lore and Legend.

Perspective is a multifaceted anomaly that morphs over...

Logic and Love

  Mathematics, the domain of irrefutable logic except...

Motorcycles For Sale

You asked, we've delivered - Retro Moto Co...


When Standard became Retro…

Let's try and climb back out of the...

A grain of truth

I suppose the most famous person to first...

Transports of Delight

Way back in 1899 Thorstein Veblen observed that...

Your Classic Motorcycle Sales, Restoration & Repair specialists

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