Two-Wheeled Anthropologist


Introducing Janelle who is set to write some blogs for the Retro Moto website. Hailing originally from the Eastern States, she’s spent the past 24 years living and working in remote desert Australia. 10 months ago she rode into Freo, and is still here. Visiting our workshop, sharing her passion for long-distance riding, she’s always keen for a yarn and to share some stories from the road:




Why Two Wheels?

It began with a WR250 Yamaha in Broome… dune hopping, salty warm air. Riding Cable Beach home to Coconut Wells – quite the commute. That feeling of Zen, of being in the moment, breathing it in.

Listening to and connecting stories of place through long distance cycling, that’s where I’d come from. Peddling through parts of Asia and Europe, celebrating each small town and village, interacting with local peoples, sharing experiences. Practising ‘two-wheeled anthropology’ – (the ultimate job!) But upon my return, when contemplating Aussie distances, I found I wasn’t a fan of spending days in the saddle avoiding road trains and headwinds just to reach a fly-ridden roadhouse where the humble meat pie was touted as a gourmet meal.

Solution? Two wheels = good; motor = even better.

Hence the WR250. I gained confidence on a couple of international rides, then upgraded to a RE Himalayan. Having been familiar with the RE Bullet while living in Ladakh, I’d fallen in love with the retro look. Seeking them out in Australia, I chose a Rock-Red Himmy from the Adelaide showroom floor, then rode her home to the Alice via the Oodnadatta track.



Shedding the city, heading for the hills, embracing the red dust, dodging slow-moving lizards and wedgetails … Gotta love riding in the Outback!

Yep, so that’s how I got hooked. Dirt on my face, wind (and knots) in my hair, bugs in my teeth, eyes and ears… I loved it all so much, I sold my car.

Now, it’s all about the bike.


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