RetroMoto Racing in 2020 and all that...

In 2020 RetroMoto Racing achieved a lot, and possibly the highlight was just how many people and bikes are now racing under the RetroMoto banner. A back of the enevlope (remember them) calculation says that 12 bikes raced in P4 500, P5 500, P6 250, 500, 750, Unlimited, Pre-Modern and Thunderbike. The P4 CB350 and P5 500 Laverda and Thunderbike DR790 Suzuki had the year off and a P4 750 Honda ridden by Mike Nazroo will debut in 2021. 

Team Captain Paul Smith won the P6 250 and 750 WA State Titles and the HCMC WA P6 250 Club Championship as well as garnering club Senior Sportsman of the Year award. Richard Beatty gained a second place in the P5 500 class, whilst Paul Joshua, Adam Carson, Nick Gardner  Riccardo Farrugia, Derek Jemerson and Simon Harding all set numerous personal bests as well as winning club rounds.

Awards for Time Spent on the Tyre Wall, Scariest Crash and Losing a Championship from a Winning Position Again, go to Riccardo Farugia, Paul Joshua and Richard Beatty respectively. Team RetroMoto Sportsman Of The Year goes to Adam Carson for lending racebikes to Paul Smith and volunteering as a Flaggie at short notice and being an all round good egg. Team RetroMoto Rookie of The Year goes to Nick Gardner aka The Ranga Rocket, look out for him in 2021.

It goes without saying that the 2020 race season was like no other. We were incredibly fortunate in WA to be able to compete at all and enormous thanks are due to the HCMC WA, Collie MotorPlex and all the volunteers who enabled us to go racing.

Also, it would be completely remiss not to mention all the behind the scenes work done by Scott Heckingbottom in researching, sourcing and fitting race parts - Thank you Scott and hope to see you on the track in 2021.

RetroMoto has acquired a dyno so even greater performance gains will be extracted from our and customer motorcycles, keep an eye out for further updates.

Christmas is theoretically a time for a break from racing, but the first event at the end of February is already on the horizon and there are engines to build, bikes to dyno, suspension to adjust, repairs and painting to be done and the extra weight gained over the festivities to be lost, especially for those racing smaller capacity bikes.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year. See you on the track in 2021.

Best wishes



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