The good ol' fashioned Speed Shop

They are dying out. I used to love shuffling about a proper speed shop, long before I could afford a bike, a car or knew which end of a left handed wrench to hang onto. Dusty packets of interesting whatsits and doodads on the shelves, shiny chrome air cleaner assemblies, a hanging jungle vine of tangled and mismatched HT leads hanging out in the corner. They are few and far between now, I try and pop in when I chance upon one, and make sure I buy what I can. But it's not often. I think its a common longing, we get plenty of wide eyed folks through the door who are happy to spend an hour or more inspecting everything we have, scattered around, lots of interesting bits and bobs, both to buy and just our own collection of bits that we have accumulated to keep these old machines on the road. Bricks and mortar stores with charm and character, and and charming characters working there ready to help you find what you need. I hope the bricks and mortar old fashioned speed shops keep on keeping on for a long time yet. I'll try and do my bit to make it so...

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