Throttle Body & Carb Cleaner Penrite 400mL
Throttle Body & Carb Cleaner Penrite 400mL

Throttle Body & Carb Cleaner Penrite 400mL

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We clean carbs. A lot! If you've followed our work, you'll have seen us using this carb cleaner, and there's a reason for it - it actually works! It's safe to say that most of the carbs we tackle are decades old and have often been sitting idle for years before they cross our work bench. We've tried nearly every brand of carby cleaner we can get our hands on, and there's only a few we could recommend that actually do the job well enough for  rusty old motorcycle carbs - this one is our go-to workshop staple

Penrite Throttle Body & Carb Cleaner is a professional strength cleaner for fuel & air intake and delivery systems designed to instantly dissolve varnish, grease, dirt, sludge, gummy residues and fuel sediments that impede engine performance, economy and smoothness. It improves economy, restores lost power, provides smoother running and lowers emissions when properly used to remove contaminants.


  • Throttle Body & Carb Cleaner is suitable for the cleaning of throttle bodies, carburettors, automatic chokes, PCV and EGR valves.
  • It can be used for both external parts and internal parts where build ups occur such as throttle plates and butterfly valves.
  • It can be used to clean emission recirculation valves as well as throttle linkages and choke systems.
  • It is harmless to metals and gaskets and will not affect oxygen sensors or mass airflow sensors on the intake system.


  • Professional Strength formulation
  • Breaks down grime, sediment and sludge with ease
  • Fast acting, quick drying formula
  • Lubricates Throttle Plates / Butterfly Valves and Bushings
  • Easy aerosol application


PLEASE NOTE Throttle Body & Carb Cleaner should not be sprayed directly onto painted parts or plastic. If contact occurs wash off immediately.

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